Community Partnership for Homeless

“Run for the Homeless”

At a time when many cities throughout America are throwing up their hands in despair about homelessness, a remarkable success story in dealing with the problem is unfolding here in Miami. ING Miami Marathon and Half Marathon Miami Marathon is proud to present for second year in a row its 2006 charity recipient, Community Partnership for Homeless, whose creative and innovative alternative to the “soup kitchen approach” has reduced the “on the street” homeless population in the Miami-Dade community.

A key to Community Partnership for Homeless’ success is the Homeless Assistance Center concept a one-stop temporary care entry point that provides not just food and shelter, but case management, health care, daycare, job training and other assistance from a variety of social service agencies under one roof. The concept is working in that since the first center opened ten years ago, over 58 percent of the 41,082 persons who have departed have been successfully placed in residences which suit their lives and that of their children.

Although much has been done through this national model program, the job is not complete and the need remains for community support through your kind donations. More information can be obtained through our 2006 charity, Community Partnership for Homeless’ website at