Medical Info

Medical Stations

The University of Miami Medical Group is back again in 2007 to make sure runners are provided with top notch first aid care. Medical personnel will be present at many of the aid stations located throughout the ING Miami Marathon and Half Marathon® course. The central medical station will be situated at Bayfront Park near the finish line area. This central aid station is in constant communication with the various support teams located throughout the marathon and half marathon course. In addition the University of Miami Medical Team is supported by the efforts of the Miami-Dade County Fire Rescue Department, the City of Miami Fire Rescue Department and the City of Miami Beach Fire Rescue Department.

Prepare for the Weather

Please prepare for cool weather or for warm weather, or even rainy weather. The climate of South Florida can change rather rapidly and we recommend that you pay close attention to weather forecasts the week of the marathon. You must remember to hydrate sufficiently because South Florida is known for its humidity and heat.

Race Number Form 

Your race number will have a medical information form. Please fill this form out before the race. This will help the medical team if you should need assistance.

Medical Waiver

Please review your marathon medical waiver.


Please feel free to contact the ING Miami Marathon® Medical Director:
Dennis Jamison (305) 278-8668